Tad Bogdan


Tad was born and spent his pre-teen years in rural Ohio where he augmented the influence of mid-west values with an interest in yoga and meditation.  He enjoyed a teenage life in Florida until moving to New Orleans to study theoretical mathematics, philosophy, and business administration at Tulane University.  

He started his professional life as a math teacher and wrestling coach before transitioning into a business career and moving to the San Francisco Bay Area.   Tad launched several market-leading business initiatives and was the CEO of multiple technology companies.  Throughout his career, he integrated his passion for human development into professional training, coaching, and mentoring roles.  

He has served on several Boards of Directors and Advisors, including the Board of Advisors for the School of Science and Engineering at Tulane University.  

Tad is currently a speaker and consultant for topics related to this book.


Contact: tad@tadbogdan.com