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Do you want to lead your team to brainstorm and commit to new success strategies? 

Run your own Brainstorming Workshop — or engage a Workshop Leader to run it for you.

Workshop Purpose: More effective team planning and decision-making for initiatives such as marketing and market penetration strategies, product development, resource allocations, expansion, partnerships, competitive positioning, negotiations, acquisitions,  investments, and fundraising.


Differentiation: This workshop is differentiated by its focus on the results, reactions, and rewards anticipated for the impacted parties. It leverages a three-step decision-making formula derived from the book HOW TO MASTER THE UNIVERSE: Personal and Professional Life-Skills Guide.


Objective: Provide simple, clear instructions and brainstorming templates for a facilitator to lead a strategic decision-making team workshop — resulting in a trackable action plan.


Results: The workshop process will facilitate the team in brainstorming and determining the following:

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