Henry Tran

Principal Engineer, SpaceX

“Great read! . . . I’ve never heard it articulated or formalized in this manner. It’s interesting to see it explained in a different light and in a more methodical way, especially defining people/things as their own ‘universe’.”

Joshua Hornick

Business Coach

“What an accomplishment! Your book is just jam-packed with value, so much interesting information, so much priceless, strategic advice, such a broad range of subjects.”

Donna Carroll

CEO, corporate training company

“This book is for all ages – your intention of 20 somethings is spot on and we also all know older people who can benefit from this wisdom.”

Matthew Dam

University Student

“. . . what I find interesting is the “Master the Universe Formula”. I feel as if it’s a concrete way to find one’s way in the real world. I also enjoy seeing the personal anecdotes and quotes sprinkled throughout the book. I would recommend it to young teens!”

Scott McNealy

Founder & CEO of Sun Microsystems

“Tad has the real-life sales, marketing, and leadership experience to provide credibility to the techniques he discusses in the business section of his book. He was a trailblazer at Sun Microsystems, where he started the company’s business in nine countries . . . .”

Alex Chung

Head of Oberthur Technologies Asia

“I found it very insightful . A must read for Corporate and entrepreneurial leaders as it builds on the experiences , the pitfalls and necessary skills, and how to rise through occasions despite all the challenges!”